Relaxed outdoor family photography

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Family Photographer Bucks Beds Herts
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"The photos are amazing! WOWZA, I'm in love with them (and with you!)"  - Marie D.

Outdoor Family Photographer


I’m Nicky a family and portrait photographer. I am dedicated to creating relaxed, colourful and joyful images that tell the story of your family life. I am passionate about capturing the beauty and vibrancy of the whole family and adopt a journalistic style of photography to do this. There’s no asking for fake smiles or telling kids to put on a funny hat at my sessions. I want to snap the personalities in your family, the excited adventurer, the little girl who likes to smell the flowers, the loveable rogue with the cheeky grin. These are the images that you’ll cherish for years to come, the images that spark the great memories of your family life. I’m all about helping you tell your story and I do this by creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment for your family where even the most camera-shy can feel comfortable. 


I’m a mother of two children myself and know what it’s like to see the years zip by. One minute they’re in your arms totally dependent on you, the next they’re sitting in a tree house chatting to their siblings and you want to capture it all, every moment. I love being able to help you capture some of those moments and I also love being able to put Mums and Dads in the picture too... at the same time!

I would very much like to help you capture your family memories where you’re all in the photograph, you’re all relaxed and you’re all happy.  If you’d like great colourful and vibrant photos that help tell the story of your life please get in touch.

Nicky x

"You made us feel so relaxed and the photos are just brilliant. Will recommend you to everyone!!" - Jane S.

Bedford, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom