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"We couldn't be more thrilled - How are we going to decide which ones to frame!?!" - Julie H.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know that it can sometimes be daunting having a professional photo shoot. But let me assure you that overwhelmingly my clients end their sessions by telling me how much fun they've had! I only ever work in a relaxed way and whilst I will guide you at certain points I will only ever follow your lead and fit into your family "vibe". After years of meeting families I've learnt that this is the best and only way to capture truely wonderful images. 

Please read on if you sitll have questions... If I haven't answered them here don't hesitate to get in touch. 

What happens at a session?

Before your session we will chat to agree on a location. Most clients split their session between home and then move on to a favourite outdoor location (depending on the weather). Or we can just go to a location of your choice. Once I get my camera out I usually work with the children first, this way they get used to me and find out quickly that the session becomes more like a “play” than anything serious! We will then slowly cover all the shots you want, any combinations and group shots and also work to engineer any candids that you have in mind. Its always a good idea to look through my website to see what shots you like and then we can work to produce something similar in your own session.


What should we wear?

Most of all you need to feel comfortable and good about yourself! So don’t wear anything that you will worry about! I always think neutral colours are good but often colourful clothes on children are a winner too. If you want lovely group shots then I suggest that you don’t wear the same thing, but that you also compliment each other. One person in red and the rest in navy will look wrong. So give some thought to the family as a whole.

Layers are also good for variety and texture and don’t forget that children will always look great in hats and scarves in both summer and winter!

What should I bring?


Please remember to bring drinks and snacks for the little people (and big ones too!). If they are flagging it’s a great way to recharge the batteries. I also recommend favourite scooters, bikes or even balls. Whatever the children like really when they go to the park. We tend to stay away from any play areas as they can be distracting, so other favourite toys are great. If you have a small baby, a favourite blanket is also always really useful. Also wipes! Lots of wipes!!


When will I see my photos?

Your photos will be ready to view on a password protected online gallery about 2-3 weeks after your session. From there you can make your print purchases and order any other products you would like.


What happens if my child is grumpy?

Don't worry! I have met and dealt with the entire range of emotions! I always recommend you "prepping" your child to some degree. That is, explain to them where we are going and what we are going to do. If you feel that your child might react badly to the idea that there will be a camera and they will have their photo taken - then perhaps just say we are going to play with a new friend. I also recommend that in all cases parents resist the urge to tell their children to "smile". I find that this only produces fake smiles when what we are after is to capture pure moments of actual joy, and "fake" smiles will only ever get in the way.

I don’t like having my photo taken. What should I do?


I come across this a LOT! I understand; I’m a bit like that too. However, it is my job to make you look good. I will work with you to ensure that this happens. I will give you tips (if you need them) and I will help you along the way. During a shoot I take a lot of photos and I will only ever choose the best of you all. I have never photographed anyone who didn’t absolutely love the results. And don’t worry about the odd blemish – I can help with those too during my editing process. I will make you look like you, but you at your best! And remember in 10 years time when you look back at the photos from your session you yourself will comment on how young, thin and fabulous you look!!


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