Autumn is the season of the soul!

As the sun loses its sting and we enjoy the last few days of warmth I always feel really excited. Autumn is my favourite season. After the adventure of summer; the travel, the new experiences Autumn always feel like its time to start looking inward. Enjoying the house more and spending time hunkering down and looking forward to the coming festive season.

I know this year its all strange and none of us know what kind of Christmas it will be etc. But for me the feeling is still the same. Looking forward to the log pile being stacked and the blankets being brought back out to snuggle under while watching a film.

As a photographer too, Autumn is just the best. The light and colours are sensational. If you set out early you capture the most glorious sun, and if you are lucky you might get the mist, fog and dew as well.

Add to that the fact that you will end up with images that bring warmth and a glow to your walls all year round! Bring on Autumn - I can't wait!

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