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Headshots - Professional, relaxed and guided

I wasn't always a headshot and portrait photographer. As a former actress I understand what it is like in front of the camera. I understand that vulnerable feeling of being watched. I know how challenging that can be. But you need headshots... you need a powerful online presence. You need to present yourself as confident and strong, even when you don't feel that way in front of the camera.

I totally understand.

My sessions address all this along the way. Most people feel uncomfortable at first. I don't expect anything else. I am prepared for it.

To start, I don't even get my camera out of the bag. We chat, about what you want and need from your photos. Do you want prospective employers or clients to see you as approachable, friendly? Or do you want to be seen as powerful, knowledgable? We talk about your clothing choices, which top should go with which background. If I have come to you (which I love doing) I will find the perfect place for me to setup, we don't need a lot of space, just room for a couple of reflectors, maybe a backdrop (maybe not) and a window, that's it. I usually only use natural light, unless there is a definite need for my flash I usually leave it in my bag.

Then we start. We chat along the way. I'll give you directions. I will often say things like "chin slightly down", or "follow my lens". I will explain and demonstrate the most flattering ways to sit, to achieve the look you want.

It will not take long - it will be painless, enjoyable even, and you will have a range of images perfect for your website, your LinkedIn profile your business card - or your promotional material. Powerful tools for your business and brand.

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