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Covid and Photography - and why I can't stop taking photographs despite a global pandemic

This year has been a particularly challenging year for us all. In terms of my business, back in March... it basically stopped and now again in November we have had to stop again. The first lockdown - I was busy with homeschooling and all the trials that entailed - don't get me started. This time around though the children are still at school so I have more time to think... and breath.

Time to think has been a blessing. It has given me a chance to think about what it is I love about photography and why I started my business, and why I miss it so much.

For me photography is simply about capturing moments. Life moves so fast, children grow so fast and unless we are having a particularly zen day we tend to live in the past or future. Photography gives me a chance to live purely in the moment. And then capture them for ever more. I find it calming, focussing and incredibly invigorating. It gives me a thrill to be able to freeze time.

Add to that the thrill I feel when I deliver those photos to a client, the joy I know they will feel. Not only the first time they view the images but every time after that. Every time they share the images or revisit them in years to come. Joy; over and over again.

So that is why I can't stop taking photos. Right now... I might not be able to photograph other families... but I can photograph my own, and my environment and the street and the sky and whatever else takes my fancy. And I won't stop - global pandemic or not.

I am a photographer... hear me 'click'.

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