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Catching the Moments


Something I've learnt since becoming a mother is that every single moment of parenting is fleeting. My sister in law gave me the best piece of advice just before my first child was born, she said "whatever is happening... it will pass". When I first heard that I thought she was referring to sleepless nights, or tantrums or colic, but no, the truth is she was referring to everything, every little thing good or bad, will pass.

First Time Standing

I've always loved photography - and always been interested in it as an art form, for its journalistic quality and for its source of fun. I pursued it as a hobby for a long time and took an active interest in how it changed over the years (my first photography course taught me how to develop film and use a dark room - SO useful now!!) However it wasn't until I had children that I fell in love with it all over again for its simple and obvious ability to capture and freeze a moment.

And that's why I love doing what I do. I love capturing moments. I love producing work that I know will be enjoyed the moment I deliver it to the client, but I also know that the importance of these images will only grow as the years pass. The joy (and wonder) I get from looking at photos of my own children from 3 years ago I know will only increase when I look at them in 10 years time, or 20 or 30.

It makes me so happy that my photos can capture some of those beautiful moments in a childs' life - so whilst they may be soon gone they will never be forgotten.

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