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Golden Autumn!

Happy Autumn! I love shooting at this time of year. Most people wrongly assume that summer is the best time for a photo session. However, in summer, unless you get up early or stay out really late, you will most likely end up with harsh overhead sunlight which whilst we all love the feel of hot sun it can be difficult for a photographer.

Unless you know what you are doing harsh overhead sunlight can create really unflattering shadows under the eyes, nose and chin. To compensate for this it is sometimes tempting to angle the subject towards the sun but this only leads to squinty faces and unflattering expressions. A professional photographer will know how to deal with these challenges but if you are trying to capture your own family photos, Autumn is going to consistently give you better results with less effort.

Here are some tips if you are wanting to take some lovely photos this Autumn:

1. Remember to dress warm, and wear something that will compliment the colours outside!

2. The light is so soft at this time of year that you can almost always use the sunlight pretty easily. Don't be afraid to shoot into the sun and use it as a backlight this can create a lovely sun kissed halo effect.

Family Photographer London

3. If you have a particularly sunny day do shoot in the shade and use the gorgeous colours as a back drop.

Family Photographer Bedfordshire

In Autumn soft golden light is almost always guaranteed, mix that with the stunning colours and you can shoot some amazing family photos. So go out, have fun and good luck! Let me know how you get on.

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