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Rodrigo and Laura

Rodrigo and Laura fill their lives with activities and fun! From tennis to archery to pole dancing there is always something to ask them about in terms of their latest activity. So it was no wonder that when we arranged an engagement shoot Rodrigo suggested we shoot inside a jet engine!

I knew then that I was in for a fun filled day when their wedding finally rolled around. I wasn't disappointed, although by the end of the day I was completely exhausted! Their wedding had everything!

From international family and friends to a fire eating court jester - this wedding just kept getting better and better. And when I finally said goodbye to Laura and Rodrigo my head was swimming full of the stunning moments that were captured that day.

The highlights for me were definitely the beautiful hand made cakes, table decorations and flowers, the heartfelt ceremony and watching two of the brightest happiest people I have ever met have the time of their lives!

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