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She Is Fierce

I have been working as a family photographer for a number of years now and I have noticed a worrying recurring theme. The mum of the family will often, and from a place of true sadness, say something negative about her appearance. Often to the point of not really wanting to be photographed at all. Not wanting to be recorded as she is, because she's unhappy with her weight, or her age, or her chin or whatever it is she sees when she looks in the mirror.

I noticed that whatever her issue was - I couldn't see it. I really couldn't. All I could see was a loving family, with children who adored their mother and usually a doting husband too. The reality is she is the absolute epicentre of the family completely surrounded by love, but she only gives herself negativity.

I found that sad, and wanted to do something that would give women some time. Time to focus on themselves and show them what I see when I look through my camera. I don't see the extra pounds you say you want to lose or your arms or your tummy. I see your eyes, their warmth, their softness, their fire, their humour. I want to show you... and for you to accept that you are fabulous, just the way you are.

So if it takes a few hours and a bit of help from a make-up artist, to give you the confidence to be free and photographed then I promise you will finally see what I see - a fierce, fabulous and beautiful woman.

Make-over Portrait

Make-over portrait

Portrait photographer Bedfordshire
Make-over Bedford

Portrait Photographer Bedfordshire

Portrait Photographer Bedford

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