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Taking a break, mum style...

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Photographer Bedfordshire

The above quote really resonated with me. The amount of times I've cruised around the supermarket taking my time, reading nutritional labels, considering whether or not we need an outdoor shoe tidy, or googling what I could do with a celeriac... just making the trip last, not wanting it to end. Just because the children aren't there!!

Children and supermarkets are not a good combination! They make what is already quite a boring task into a monumental struggle. A juggle between saying "no" to every multi-coloured nutritionally deplorable item presented to your trolley and remembering what you actually came for. Whilst answering the question of "Can we go now?" at least 1,578 times.

But to be there on your own?! The pure joy. The possibilities. The peace.

Oh yes, life has indeed changed.

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