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The many faces of us all.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

One thing I've learnt as I've slowly grown my portrait business is that to capture the ultimate portrait of someone is an elusive goal.

We all have many faces. Our fierce face, our vulnerable face, our happy face and our mournful face and many faces in between. Which one is the best? Which one perfectly defines you? Well the answer is never that simple.

In my opinion all those faces are relevant. All those faces are important and ultimately it comes down to communication. Our face is our main method of communication. So when a photographer points their camera at you what is your face "communicating" at that moment? That is why my job is more about communicating than it is about photographing. Obviously I technically take the photograph - so I have to know all the technical stuff that goes along with that, but the truth is anyone can learn that stuff. Where I think most of my skill as a portrait photographer lies is in communicating with my subject.

What do we talk about? How do I make you comfortable? How do I get you to communicate back to me? How do I change how I communicate depending on if you are 3 or 83? I believe that all my life experience to date; drama school, acting, stand-up comedy have led me to this point in my career and business. I am a professional communicator and now you have the pictures to prove it.

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