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I am my friend.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

My girlfriends, all of them, are kind and thoughtful and there is no better place to go when I am feeling low. For a chat, a cup of tea, a boost. They compliment me; noticing my new top, or my (tiny) weight loss or tell me randomly how nice my hair looks. They make me laugh. They make me feel good.

Until recently I used to speak to myself as if I didn't like myself much. I would often focus on my flaws and point them out to myself all the time! On top of that my internal monologue was terribly unkind. I would say mean things to myself more or less constantly. "Your being an idiot". "Are you really going to wear that?" "You look terrible".... and on and on and on...

As I've got older I've realised that I needed to make a change in myself... Become my own friend. Speak to myself the way my friends do. Be kind and complimentary. Make myself feel good. Some days I forget and slip back into old habits. But usually I can say that I am a good friend to myself. I am more kind, more patient and just generally a lot nicer to myself. Shame it took me so many years to learn this neat little trick: Be your own best friend.

Bedford Family Photographer

Bedford Family Photographer

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